The Twentieth Century Fund estimates that an annual depletion of about 16 billion board feet of lumber is whittling down our forests slightly, but really feel that better fire handle, and rising use of substitutes leave us with all the future safe. The Forest Service of your U. rolex imitation watches S. Department of Agriculture, even so, gloomily reports that our present lumber shortage may possibly develop worse as an alternative to increase simply because we are not expanding sufficient trees. It sees a need for about 42 billion board feet of lumber inside the coming years along with a maximum output of about 33 billion board feet.

Our water power is by no suggests totally created and, if it were, it could generate about one fourth the power created by coal each year and 40 % of that developed by petroleum and organic gas.

Standing out like a beacon amongst our resources is uranium, the mighty metal which gives the charge for the atom bomb and may possibly, within comparatively couple of years, be a crucial supply of industrial energy. The most recent Bureau of Mines Mineral Yearbook reports that we had crucial reserves, possibly second only to those in Canada as well as the Belgian Congo, before Planet War II, but security restrictions blanket the outcomes of what must have been incomparable prospecting considering the fact that 1939. Qualified authorities estimate the advent of industrial electric power from this supply anywhere from 1951 to 1960 imitation rolex watch .

The estimates of our wealth contained inside a recent report by the Bureau of Mines along with the Geological Survey are inside the table below.

Some of the supplies to be piled and their utilizes are: antimony (compounds, lead alloy); asbestos; chromium (steel alloy, plate); copper; swiss rolex replica diamonds (cutting tools); lead; manganese (steel alloy); nickel (steel alloy); tantalum (electronic tubes, cutting tools); tin; tungsten (steel alloy, cutting tools, electronics); zinc; bauxite (aluminum); cobalt (cutting and die metals); graphite (lubricant, making of crucibles); and mica (electronic gear).

The iron-ore outlook may be thought of alarming in view of your federal estimate of only 73 years' reserves (the Twentieth Century Fund sees only sufficient high-grade ore for 11 years) but you will find vast reserves of brown ores and magnetite which professionals say we can study to recover economically. Bauxite isn't really plentiful, but aluminum may be made from clays which we have in quantity.

Magnesium, infant on the mass-produced metals, mates nicely with aluminum, manganese and zinc and may be "mined" from sea water, while brine wells, magnesite and dolomite ores are richer sources. We've got numerous nitrogen, potash and phosphate rock to fertilize the earth"if we never let the earth get away from us.

We are said to be only six inches from starvation, the half foot of fertile topsoil that covers our productive land. replica rolex The Division of Agriculture says that of our 460 million acres of high-class cropland, all but 70 million desires protection from erosion. The Federal Bureau of Reclamation and also the Army Engineers are combining their efforts within the Missouri River basin to save soil, handle floods, offer water for irrigation and industrial energy.

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